SFU Robot Soccer

Build a legacy and tradition of extracurricular innovation and engineering engagement

SFU’s first Robot Soccer club aims to combine the excitement of soccer with the future of automated technology as we compete in RoboCup Soccer competitions. Our team encourages students from all programs to come together and learn concepts that are not taught in class and get hands-on experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and teamwork.

Meet Our Executive Team


Seyed Arad Shojaee
Vice President

Linkedin e-mail: sas44@sfu.ca
Tara_Kazemi_Vice President Finance

Thomas Challis
Vice-President of Public Relations


Yu-Xing Lim
Vice-President of Administration

Linkedin e-mail: yu-xing_lim@sfu.ca

Adam Spelrem
Vice-President of Finance

Linkedin e-mail: adam_spelrem@sfu.ca

Areas of Practice

The goal of the software team is to program autonomous robots. Robots are controlled from a central computer by a software called Skynet. It uses Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to play against another team of robots. We test Skynet independent of physical robots using a graphical simulator called GrSim. You will be working in a team, and your code will be reviewed by your peers. Members have the freedom to choose from existing tasks or come up with ideas and add to the project.
The Electronics team is responsible for designing and testing the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) that our robots use. Every one of our boards are custom designed by our members and are a great way to get familiar with a broad range of electronics concepts, from simple circuits using resistors and capacitors, to more advanced high speed wireless circuitry. Using Altium Designer and LTSpice, we fully simulate our prototype circuits before ever soldering a component. Our team also develops the firmware which runs on each robot’s microcontroller. This firmware is responsible for communicating with the software team’s codebase, as well as driving all the peripherals on each robot.
The Mechanics team gives shape and character to our team of robots and is a great way to get started in the club. Members are introduced to the basics of CAD and work on designing components such as base-plates, motor mounts and kicker systems, usually under the supervision of more senior members. During this process, the mechanics team focuses on creating an efficient design workflow and generating documentation so that future team members can learn about how our robots have evolved over time. Mechanics members primarily use SolidWorks to familiarize themselves with the basics of mechanical design and experience teamwork in a production environment.

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